Role & Impact

Impact to El Paso’s Economy

MCAD believes that the work of local artists, audiences, cultural practitioners and organizations are a critical part of a vibrant El Paso economy. A 2017 Americans for the Arts study examining the local non-profit arts sector’s support of the El Paso economy showed a $103.4 million annual impact. That figure includes:

The 2014 Creative Vitality Index conducted on El Paso’s arts and creative sector demonstrates that artists and individuals in the for-profit local creative workforce number over 8,500 and help generate $641 million in revenues.

Impact to El Paso’s Community

In 2019 there were a total of 312,194 people enjoy MCAD programs and sponsored activities, 228,404 people visit MCAD museums, 3 artifacts and works of arts conserved, 6 museum acquisitions, 24 temporary art installations and 25 exhibitions were mounted.

A total of $312,015 grants and $264,900 sponsorships were received. $376,521 was awarded to local arts organizations and artists and 272 poeple volunteered.

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MCAD programs incubated 9 small businesses, 2 public arts were awarded and 1,853 artists, musicians, writers and designers were also engaged.

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Received a total of 7,487,462 touches to the Digital Wall and 106,105+ likes on Facebook.

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A total of 29+ of public art projects are in progress, 6 of which have been completed, 57,325 people shopped at the local art and farmers market and 45,000 people participated in Chalked the Block.

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