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Airport Car Rental Light FixtureThe Public Art Program for the City of El Paso was adopted by City Council in 2006 as an effort to integrate public artworks throughout the City of El Paso. The Public Art Ordinance sets aside 2% from every Capital Improvement Project budget for the acquisition of art for municipal property. Since its inception, the Public Art Program has strived to offer our local communities and neighborhoods insight, repose, delight, and a distinctive sense of place in an effort to achieve the following Public Art Program goals:

  1. Enhance the quality of life of residents                                          
  2. Support the creative and professional growth of the arts community
  3. Support economic growth
  4. Enhance the experience visitors have of El Paso
  5. Promote authentic images of El Paso as a unique place, community, and destination.


The mission of the Public Art Program is to commission and maintain a diverse collection of public artworks; support the inclusion of public art in private development and infrastructure built by others; promote the community's access to, appreciation of, and enjoyment of visual art; and supports the emergence of public art practice in El Paso.

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The Public Art Program has completed 86 projects since it began in 2006. The program has worked with 377 artists, of which 77% are local artists, and worked with more than 175 local businesses. The program has received 11 national awards and has been featured in 18 National publications.

Click the links to view an interactive map of public art pieces throughout the City. The map features a detailed list that highlights information about each piece including the artist, medium, and description. Different-angle photos are included for each listing.

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Airway Public Art Lighting Request

On March 6, 2017, the City of El Paso approved a new procedure to let the community request the lights on the public art piece at Airway and Interstate 10 be illuminated to commemorate events with civic or community-wide significance.

There will be up to 11 available slots of no more than 15 days each.  The dates should be requested at least 90 days in advance. Please refer to the policy below for specific guidelines and requirements.

There will be an application fee of $50 and $45 for non-profits. All applications are subject to MCAD approval. Once the application is approved, you will need to come to the MCAD offices to make your payment.

Airway Public Art Lighting Policy

Airway Public Art Lighting Application

*Please note, your survey complete page will be your confirmation.

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